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Free To Use Images

Thanks to the Daily Post and Cheri Lucas Rowlands for this post:

For many of you, images are an integral part of your site. But sometimes, you might not have the right photograph to use for a post. As we’ve mentioned before, you can use the Creative Commons to search for images you need across the web, from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons, and source and attribute images that you find.

This spring, announced embed support for Getty Images, which means you can also access and share photos from Getty’s extensive library for non-commercial use.

We’ve recently noticed other sites that compile great images that are free to use for your personal projects — like your blog — or commercial work. Let’s take a peek.

Unsplash –

This tumblelog of gorgeous high-resolution photos shares ten new photos every ten days. I’ve tapped into this site for many panoramic and establishing shots that have worked well for custom headers and featured images, as well as timeless images of cities, people, and moments. The abstract shots are also fitting for patterns and backgrounds.


Little Visuals –

At Little Visuals, you can sign up to receive seven new high-res images in a zip file, each week. Click the green icon at the top left to search for specific images — for example, type “door” to see available photos of doors.


Death to the Stock Photo –

A lot of stock photos out there are uninspiring, and this site wants to change that. A project by Allison Lehman and David Sherry, Death to the Stock Photo offers free monthly photos for your creative needs, personal or commercial. The pair shoots fresh, modern images, and then sends each new collection to their subscribers. Read their license for details.


The Pattern Library –

The Pattern Library offers vibrant patterns for download. Just scroll down the page to see each pattern “slide” over the last one — it’s a fun way to browse patterns. Many of the selections are colorful and bold, while there are more subtle options, which work well for those seeking custom backgrounds.


Gratisography –

Taken by artist Ryan McGuire of Bells Design, these stunning images are available for personal and commercial use. New photographs are added weekly and are also free of copyright restrictions.


Once again, thanks to the Daily Post and Cheri for this post!