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(Just updates)



Are you happy with your current hosting plan? No problem. Let us keep your website functioning properly with weekly checks & updates of WordPress, your Theme and Plugins. Client is responsible for Website Backups. FAQ’s

  • Managed WordPress Updates
  • Managed Theme Updates
  • Managed Plugin Updates
  • Malware and Hack Cleanups
  • 30 Minutes, Minor  Website Changes


(Hosting plus updates)



Speed and Security in a powerful hosting package! There’s nothing basic about our features! FAQ’s

  • SiteGround Hosting – unmetered traffic, WP migrator, 10GB web space
  • 1 Free Website Migration
  • Regular Updates of WordPress, Theme and Plugins
  • HTTPS – Flexible SSL
  • Backups – 30 Days
  • Malware and Hack Cleanups
  • 30 Minutes, Minor  Website Changes

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No contracts. Cancel anytime. Does NOT include eCommerce websites. Please contact us to inquire about pricing to support eCommerce websites. Just so we are on the same page… we only design, develop, host and maintain WordPress websites… 🙂 Read FAQ’s here.

WordPress Hosting Features

Managed Hosting

Improve your site speed with blazing fast Siteground WordPress Hosting. We are proud to be a Siteground reseller! Speed, excellent uptime record and tight security.


Not on HTTPS? Secure your WordPress website using a Free Flexible SSL and meet Google's security requirements. Rankings matter!

Free Backups

A backup of your entire WordPress website. 30 days of free backups archived and ready for you to restore with a touch of a button.

Proud To Partner With These Powerhouse Companies:

wordpress security malware cleaning

Delivering Speed and Security. Our WordPress support and maintenance service includes top notch Siteground hosting, Sucuri security monitoring/cleanup, offsite backups, software updates and much more.  Save time and energy so you can focus on your business priorities.

Let's Get Into
The Nitty Gritty...

No contract, cancel anytime. Trust our WordPress experts to keep your website running optimally… you can focus on growing your business. We guarantee fast page loads and great security! You have nothing to lose. PLUS plan includes 1 FREE WordPress website migration. Both plans offer free fixes every month – 30 minutes of free fixes and website changes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Your Web Hosting Include?

We are proud to partner with SiteGround hosting, specialists in FAST WordPress website hosting. Suitable for up to 10,000 visits per month (if you have more visits we can accommodate, no problem), unmetered data transfer, cPanel (most popular website hosting control panel), servers on 3 continents, Solid State Drive storage, Free SSL certificate, 30 days of daily website file backups, anti-hack systems, PHP up to 7.3, SFTP access and FTP accounts.

What Is Included In A Website Update?

Good question. This is dependent on what is required on your unique website. Typically, this includes updates to your plugins, theme and WordPress. If we find that your website has malware or has been hacked we will fix it at that time. We require maintenance clients to secure their own daily website backups. This can usually be added at a minimal price through your hosting company. The going rates are between $20-$40/year. When we fist add you as a client we will confirm that backups are initiated before we begin. If you choose to host with Reinhardt Designs we offer daily backups free of charge as one of our MANY hosting perks.

What Is The Difference Between Website Hosting And Website Maintenance?

We understand that this can be confusing. Let’s try and clear the air. Website hosting is a service which allows people and companies to make their website available on the world wide web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server which is owned or lease by use for clients. Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for out of date software versions and updating to new versions as they become available.

Picture this.. Owning a website is like leasing a car. Website hosting would be akin to the leasing company or manufacturer of the car, i.e. Subaru, Ford, Chrysler, Volvo etc.  You are the leasee, you agree to drive the car and maintain it for the period of the lease. The website/car requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently.. plugins, theme and WordPress updates are akin to oil changes, tire rotations and tune ups. Sometimes major things break and require a more detailed fix, this is where a Backup comes in. Backups are like a car warranty or car insurance. Backups are used to restore/return your website/car to a standard operating procedure when something big happens. They allow you to revert back to something that worked and then meticulously work thorough fixes to mitigate the problems.

What Is Included in 30 Free Minutes of Website Work Per Month?

Minor website changes are included: edit text, swap a photo, change an address, alter a contact form, adding a plugin, altering a plugin.

What’s not included: Change themes, add code, major page changes, Google Analytics analysis, adding a new contact form, adding new website changes.

If the work goes over 30 minutes we will give you an estimate for the extra time/fee.

Is There A Contract?

No contract. Convenient autopay program through PayPal. You can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied. There is no refund for partial month usage but we will not bill you for the next month once you cancel. In such a case, you’ll be responsible for taking your website to another provider.No contract. You can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied. There is no refund for partial month usage but we will not bill you for the next month once you cancel. In such a case, you’ll be responsible for taking your website to another provider.

Will You Migrate My WordPress Website for Free?

Most migrations to our host are free of charge. We can complete most migrations within 3-5 business days. If you have a large or complex website, we’ll work with you on creating a migration plan. In some cases, it may make sense to retain your current host or it might cost an additional fee.

If My Site Has Malware Before I Migrate Will You Remove It For Free?

If your website has malware before migrating your hosting to Reinhardt Designs, it’s removal is not covered under your agreement. In that case, we recommend a service like Sucuri, which has an excellent support team and a track record of getting the job done. We can also remove the malware on your behalf and charge a one-time fee.

If An Update Breaks My Site Will You Fix It? For Free?

It depends on the situation. If we can’t fix something that an update breaks within 30 minutes, we will roll back the update and ignore updates for that plugin going forward. If the issue is more widespread and affects a large number of customers we may go ahead and figure out/fix the issue for free. If the plugin or theme that is causing the issue is no longer supported by it’s developer and is faulty, we will present an alternative solution (different plugin that does the same job) and ask you to pay a fee to cover the additional work it takes to add and configure the new replacement plugin.

Do You Offer After Hours Support & Updates?

We do not normally provide after hours hosting support or maintenance updates. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. We can accommodate after hours requests for emergencies on a case by case situation. Depending on the situation an additional fee may be charged.

What's Included in 30 Minute Website Changes?

Minor website changes: edit text, swap a photo. What’s not included: Add or manipulate a plugin, add code, major page changes.

Is Email Supported?

No. Our focus is WordPress so we decided to route customers to other email options. That said, we highly recommend Google’s G Suite.

What If My Theme Or Plugin Isn't Supported?

We will let you know if we ever run into a plugin or theme that is no longer supported by it’s developer. We will present you alternative options (a theme or plugin that can do the same job) and replacement costs for us to do the work.

Can You Help Me With An SSL Cert?

We secure all of our WordPress sites on HTTPS using an SSL Certificate. Depending on your plan, we offer different levels of SSL encryption. If you already have an SSL and would like to keep it, you can do that.

Will I Have Access To My Website?

YES! We provide you with access to your cPanel, FTP, and WordPress admin panel.

Maintenance - What's Not Included?

Complex changes to website code, backend server modifications or performance changes, graphic design services or changes, themes/plugins that are not supported by developer, regular website backups, image manipulation, installation or development of new plugins or functionality, multisites, more than 20 active plugins. FYI… Best practices: In general, inactive plugins and themes should be deleted to improve site performance.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Once you choose your plan and fill out the request form we will confirm your status/criteria and send you an email with a link to purchase your monthly subscription plan. Then you will be asked to fill out an Intake Form where you’ll provide us information about your site as well as the necessary access credentials. This helps us migrate and connect to your site so we can perform security monitoring, backups, and plugin updates. You will receive emails along the way letting you know the status of migration on your new SiteGround hosted account.

Fill Out The Form And We Will Get Back To You ASAP With Next Steps & The Sign Up Process!